The only reason I wrote this letter was because I wanted to sign up for emails from the White House. I want to keep an eye on what they’re presenting to the public. You can’t get on the mailing list  without filling out a form. I filled out the form, I didn’t want to say “fuck you,” so here is what I wrote to the president.  I used the word “I” a lot. I wanted the message to sound as if I was writing out of self-interest only. I don’t know why, but I figured it would be easier for him or his letter readers, if he has them, to relate:

“I have breast cancer and am covered under the ACA. I went on the ACA after I was laid off in June. I was diagnosed with cancer five months later. I am worried about losing my coverage.

If the ACA is repealed, no one will insure me because I have pre-existing conditions. Even if I did manage to get coverage, the price would be unaffordable for me. Without health insurance, I will probably die soon. I am scared. I am terrified.

How will your replacement plan work for me? Health Savings Accounts are out of reach for me. I would burn through the cap after two days. My two recent surgeries in December, 2016, cost close to $250,000.

Please don’t don’t dismantle the ACA until you have demonstrated how your plan would give me better, more affordable coverage than the ACA already has. Please don’t cancel any ACA programs until you have a better plan in place that I could simply transfer to. I don’t want to lose my doctors. They are some of the best cancer doctors in the United States. The ACA covers them. Would your plan cover my doctors?

Thank you.