“Skeletal scintigraphy.” Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Also known as a bone scan. Not to be confused with a dexascan, a bone density test. Dexascans show osteoporosis. Bone scans reveal bone cancer.

Breast cancer can spread to the bones. It’s reasonable and desirable to have this test. For me, it means another level of worry. I’m sure I have bone cancer. My ribs hurt. My heels hurt. I know I have bone cancer because, well, because, I just do. I’m psychic, I’m intuitive, I can smell it, I can feel it in my bones…

Since November, 2016, I’ve been scanned several times. Mammogram, MRI, ultrasound, …with more scans on the horizon. My innards are being meticulously documented. Yesterday’s bone scan involved being injected with radioactive material (it didn’t hurt), waiting a few hours until I had that inner glow, then returning to the hospital for the scan. It involved a very slowly-moving giant camera (the nap-cam) hovering over me for about 25 minutes. I did nap. I rested my bones.

After the scan, I would have worried all night, but I was exhausted from daytime worry.  I slept straight through. There was much to do this morning. I didn’t start worrying until now.

The doctor’s office called a moment ago to say the bone scan does not show any cancer. So much for intuition. I am flooded with relief. I smile and find I have enough energy to go outside and move my car. I smile again. No parking ticket for me. It’s a good day.